Pre-Shot Routine

I can’t stress enough the importance of this. For me and every other Professional, it provides the backbone to consistent rounds of golf. Pre-shot routines vary greatly, from highly detailed to just a couple of basic steps. My pre-shot routine was developed during college and includes details such as the number of steps I take to get to the setup to how many moves I make before hitting the shot. It is the same every time. Yours can be as basic or as detailed as you choose. Some questions to consider for developing your pre-shot routine can include all or some of the points below:

  1. Evaluate the shot – look at what you do naturally before you take your stance.

  2. Steps to walk to your ball – after evaluating – how many do you take?

  3. Practice swing – if you take one, where do you take it?

  4. Setting your stance – do you move your feet back and forth to get set?

  5. Trigger – what is your trigger just before the backswing?


Here is a snapshot of my pre-shot routine. For some, it may be too much and others too little. It has worked for me and you can use or modify as fits your needs:


  1. Place bag down 3 feet to the right of ball

  2. Assess the shot

  3. Visualize the play

  4. Stand behind the ball and take a practice swing outside of the play box (See Vision 54 Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott)

  5. Walk 4 steps into the play box and set up just inside the ball

  6. Watch club halfway back for pre-shot practice feel

  7. Step forward and feel weight balance between each foot

  8. Move club back with wrist motion twice

  9. Club down behind ball checking alignment over left shoulder

  10. Set all body lines from ground up

  11. Breathe out

  12. Swing

You can be as calculated as you feel comfortable or just include a couple in your next round. Ensure you do it for every shot, no matter the outcome. You may surprise yourself with the comfort and consistency it develops.


PS. Remember as always: Do as many of these things as possible while the other players in your group are playing their shots and do everything you can to keep up with the group ahead – play fast.

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