The winter has arrived!

Are you winter ready? Here are a few simple tips to get your winter golf off to the best possible start.

1. Correct clothing

Are you a golfer that hates the feeling of restriction from too many layers? Then it’s time to invest in a base layer and a good winter golf jacket. A base layer under a polo will really aid in reducing those thick layers of jumpers. Good socks and a hat. If your feet and head are warm, you will more than likely feel more comfortable.

2. Hand warmers or mitts

Either or are a great benefit in the winter months. Both can work very well. Keep the hand warmer in your pocket for when you are waiting for your shot and use the mitts for walking between. This will help you keep up the speed of play and be ready when it’s your shot.

3. Lower compression golf ball

As it’s gets cold the ball tends to not want to compress. Therefore, switching to a ball with lower compression can help improve control around the greens and a little bit of distance.

4. 2 golf balls

A cold ball, as mentioned above doesn’t compress too well. Keep one ball in your pocket and switch every hole. This can help, again in improving distance and feel off the ball.

5. Club up

Most of you will notice that the ball doesn’t fly so far in the winter months. With this in mind, take a little extra and swim easy.

6. Stay moving

Try to keep yourself as active as you can. This will help keep continuous blood flow around you to help keep you warm.

7. Keep up the hydration

Even though it’s winter, we still need nutrition on the golf course. We all love a warm hot chocolate or coffee to warm us up but also keep up with the water or sports drinks to help maintain your focus and your game.

8. Partner spotting

Help your playing partners spot their ball, especially when the sun is low. This will help speed up play and keep you moving. Keep an eye on the ball for a long as you can and even if you loose in the air, you will have a much better idea of where to look.

9. Winter Rules

Use the rules to your advantage. Preferred lies are normally in place from 1st October. Mark, clean and place within 6” is the norm. Be aware of other rules and how they work. Like casual water and embedded ball. Know your options.

10. Enjoy

Take in that clean, fresh air of the golf course. Winter golf brings its own frustrations and difficulties but if you go out there and feel relaxed and enjoy yourself, you will certainly have a great time.

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Happy golfing.

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